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What we do

  • Professional Residential Cleaning

  • Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning

  • Quality Service

  • Affordable Prices

  • Quality Control

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Job description

Description of General Residential Services available:

Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming, Interior glass and window sill cleaning, Dusting all surface areas, Trash removal and receptacle liner replacement, Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom and kitchen area, Cleaning/dusting stairways, Spot cleaning walls and carpets as needed

Kitchen Cleaning: Remove trash, Clean counter-tops, Clean microwave, Clean stove and burners, Clean glass doors, Scrub sink, Wipe cabinets (Outside), Vacuum and mop floor, Dust Lamps, Clean/polish kitchen table

Bathroom Cleaning: Clean/disinfect counter-tops, Clean/disinfect tubs and showers, Clean/disinfect toilets and sinks, Clean mirrors, Remove trash, Wipe baseboards and doors, Polish cabinets

Bedroom Cleaning: Dust and polish furniture, Dust pictures/frames, Clean ceiling fans, Remove cobwebs, Change linens, Dust and wipe blinds, Dust lamps, Vacuum floor or carpet area, Wipe baseboards and doors

Home Offices/Spare Room Cleaning: Dust Lamps, Wipe baseboard/doors, Dust and polish furniture, Clean ceiling fans, Vacuum and mop floor area, Vacuum carpet area, Clean glass/doors, Dust pictures/frames, Remove cobwebs

* Customized services available upon request

* All necessary equipment and materials for the successful execution of the above described services are provided

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